Delivery Information


Your identity and credit card information you will send us through the credit card mail-order method shall be never save secure by our firm in accordance with the confidentiality principle. This information shall be not kept for The Bank is responsible possible money withdrawal disagreements with the bank. This does not pose any risks as in the event that a price different from the price specified on the approved mail-order form for the products you order is to be withdrawn from your account, you can object to the bank and thus, you can prevent the payment of this amount.  


1. Seller accepts and agrees to comply with fully to the responsibilities that are in the agreement with the Consumer protection act number 4077, regarding the regulations on distant sales agreements except the conditions that are defined as acts-of-god.

2. Anyone younger than 18 cannot shop from Anatolica. SELLER will accept the age that is stated in the agreement to be true. But if the age is written incorrectly SELLER will not be held liable.

3. For any pricing errors due to system errors http://www.happyroseberry.comis not held liable. Regarding this the SELLER is not liable about the advertisement or pricing errors that may arise from actions taken against the website through illegal means. Regarding the system errors the SELLER cannot demand from the BUYER.

4. At https://www.happyroseberry.compayments can be made via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex vs.) or bank transfer. Purchases whose payment is not completed with 1 week of the order are cancelled. The starting time for the processing of the order starts not when the order is sent but when the payment is received through credit card or the arrival of the bank transfer is confirmed. Money orders, Post checks or cash on delivery services without consulting customer services are not accepted.


Do not ever write your credit card number or passwords at the e-mails you wish to send to the Customer Services at our Website in relation to any of your orders. Information at the e-mails can be obtained by third persons. Under no circumstance can our firm guarantee the security of information transmitted via your e-mails.